Picture for behrens.56

Erica Behrens
Planetarium Assistant

Picture for brubaker.136

Kage Brubaker
Office Assistant
(614) 292-1773

Picture for calhoun.178

Grace Calhoun
Planetarium Presenter
  • Astronomy
  • Anthropology

Picture for frank.201

Stephan Frank
Postdoctoral Researcher

Picture for freudenburg.2

Jenna Freudenburg
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for gallagher.674

Molly Gallagher
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for godoyrivera.1

Diego Godoy Rivera
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for Griffith.802

Emily Griffith
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for Holoien.1

Thomas Holoien

Picture for johnson.7419

James Johnson
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for johnson.3064

Jennifer Johnson
Associate Professor of Astronomy
614 292 5651
  • Stellar Evolution
  • Stellar Abundances

Picture for johnson.7240

Marshall Johnson
Planetarium Presenter / Columbus Prize...
  • Exoplanets

Picture for kessler.363

Sarah Kessler
Outreach Volunteer

Picture for kim.4905

Stacy Kim
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for lochhaas.1

Cassie Lochhaas
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for panero.1

Wendy Panero
  • Mineral Physics
  • Exoplanet Geophysical Modeling

Picture for patton.502

Rachel Patton
Planetarium TA
  • Massive Star Evolution
  • Supernovae

Picture for peterson.12

Bradley Peterson
Professor Emeritus, Distinguished...
614 292-7886
  • Active Galaxies & Supermassive...
  • QSO Absorption Lines
  • Supermassive Black Holes

Picture for pogge.1

Richard Pogge
Professor of Astronomy
614 292 0274
  • Nebular Spectroscopy and Abundances
  • Extrasolar Planets
  • Astronomical Instrumentation

Picture for poulsen.5

Sabrina Poulsen
Planetarium Assistant

Picture for roberts.1611

Daniella Roberts
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for ryden.1

Barbara Ryden
Professor of Astronomy
614 292 4562
  • History of Astronomy
  • Cosmology
  • Large-scale Structure of the...

Picture for schlingman.4

Wayne Schlingman
Director, Arne Slettebak Planetarium
614 292 5807
  • Radio Astronomy and Star Formation...
  • Astronomy Education and Outreach

Picture for simonian.7

Gregory Simonian
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for stephany.5

Krisann Stephany
Education - Summer Undergraduate...

Picture for thompson.1847

Todd Thompson
  • Starburst Galaxies
  • Supernovae & Gamma Ray Bursts
  • Theoretical Astrophysics

Picture for tie.5

Suk Sien Tie
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for villanueva.30

Steven Villanueva
Planetarium Presenter

Picture for wahba.11

Erin Wahba
Office Assistant
(614) 292-1773

Picture for zinn.44

Joel Zinn
Planetarium Presenter