MAIL Boxes


Mobile Astronomy Instruction and Lessons in a Box

Mobile Astronomy Instruction and Lesson Boxes: Inquiry-based and/or kinesthetic learning opportunities from the OSU Department of Astronomy.  These fully contained lessons in a box will be delivered upon request (and availability) complete with a content expert from OSU to deliver the lesson and to be available for other topic-related questions.  Alternately, lessons can be presented to your group on the OSU campus as part of a field trip combined with a visit to the OSU Planetarium or reproduced with the content and materials provided with each lesson description.  See below for a complete list of currently available lessons.

Inquiry-based and/or kinesthetic learning opportunities exploring Astronomy Concepts.

Public schools or even home school groups often lack not only subject-specific instructional materials for teaching astronomy/physics lessons, but also the content knowledge of such subjects that is necessary to successfully (and comfortably) teach them.

Our program will provide not only the materials and write-ups for completing such lessons, but also a scientist! (i.e., content expert) to present the lesson (in most cases).

  • Literally a Lesson (and Background/content) in a Box
    • Lesson write-up aligning learning concepts to Ohio State Standards
    • Scientific Content Knowledge/Background explaining lesson concepts in easily digestible language (hopefully)
    • Materials List for recreating lesson
    • Supplementary Materials
      • Background or Additional Resources to learn more about topic
      • Worksheets, math supplements
      • Literary connections
  • Particular attention paid in lesson design to inquiry-based and kinesthetic learning methods 

Available Lessons

Starlight Steering Scarabs

  • Interdisciplinary, kinesthetic learning combining astronomy/physics with biology and ecology.

Cosmic Cratering 

  • Kinesthetic learning and physical activity combining astronomy and physics. Both measurement and inquiry are re-enforced.

Telescope Lending Library

  • Check out telescopes for your group: up to two 6-inch telescopes and binoculars and star wheels/planispheres. These telescopes are for educational groups only and will be lent out at our discretion.

Lessons in Development

Solar System Scales

  • Conceptual understanding of sizes, distances, and masses in the Solar System.
  • Emphasis on scientific method concepts of forming a hypothesis and re-evaluating that hypothesis based on data and evidence.

Racing Rockets

Properties of Light and Optics

Hubble Expansion