We are open to limited operations as we are training presenters and getting up to speed to be able to bring our public shows back. Our hope is to start having public shows in the coming weeks in addition to private shows over the summer. Given the nature of our staffing we are not always able to guarantee dates far in advance but you have plenty of options in Central Ohio including COSI and SciDome at the Works.


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August 1, 2022
What’s Up? The Constellations, Planets, and Astronomical Events Visible in August 2022

Written and compiled by Alyssa Whalen


While the days on Earth are always 24 hours, the amount…

July 6, 2022
Constellations and Astronomical Events Visible in July

Written by Alyssa Whalen


In case you missed it, the planets aligned the morning of June 24th, 2022. Although they won’t be…

October 22, 2021

Looking for something to watch this weekend? Check out Particles Unknown on the PBS series NOVA. There you will learn about neutrinos and the experiments done to detect them. Ohio State…

December 15, 2020
Jupiter and Saturn in Solstice Conjuntion

While we're all trying our best to keep our distance from one another during the current pandemic, Jupiter and Saturn are defiantly doing exactly the…

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