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Public Program FAQ

How do I cancel my reservation?

If you'd like to cancel a show, please email planetarium@osu.edu and with your name, the date and time of the show, and telling us that you'd like to cancel your seats. We will take care of it. We appreciate cancellations as soon as you know you need to cancel so we can fill the seats from our waitlist.

I'm trying to reserve seats for shows that should be open for reservations, but am having trouble!

If you are trying to reserve seats for our upcoming shows:

  1. Please double-check that your show is actually open for reservations (dates/times that seats open up are listed on the schedule). Seats do not go open until the dates and times listed.
  2. If the show has opened for reservations but there is no option to reserve seats on Eventbrite, this is because the show is sold out. Sometimes our waitlists fill up too. Our The Sky Tonight and Kids Edition shows typically sell out in less than a day, and the waitlists soon thereafter.

  3. If you tried to reserve a seat right when seats opened but did NOT receive a confirmation email, this means that there was too high of a demand for seats when reservations opened up and that Eventbrite choked because of the high demand. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. You'll have to try again another time.

The waitlist will only let me sign up for one seat! I need more than that!

Please make separate requests on the waitlist for each seat needed. *All waitlist requests for the same party should be made under the same name and email address-- otherwise, we have no way of connecting the parties with one another!*

How do I know if I got off the waitlist? 

If you are on the waitlist, you will receive an email(s) from The OSU Planetarium via Eventbrite with instructions on how to reserve your seat. If you do not receive such an email, this means you did not get off of the waitlist.

Where do I park? How do I find the planetarium?

Information on directions and parking can be found in directions

How many seats do I have reserved? I can't remember!

Email planetarium@osu.edu and give them your name and they can look up your reservation.

Do I need to print out my ticket?

Nope! We will check you in on our iPads before the show.

What time do doors open before the show?

Doors open 15-20 minutes before the show starts. If there is a previous show running when you arrive, you will have to wait until that show lets out before you can go in for the next one.