Private Groups FAQ

What programs are available for private shows?

The only live show we have right now is Night Sky 101. We are currently updating and creating new live shows and are working on getting them up and running soon! 

If you would like a pre-recorded show click on the link attached to find the description of these shows.

How many people can the planetarium hold?

We are able to serve groups up to 63 attendees/show as the total number of seats limits the size of our largest groups. Currently, demand is so high if your group is smaller than 40 people we suggest you find another group to join you for the program unless there is a strong need to keep numbers down such as groups with young kids. Groups larger than 63 people can be split across multiple shows.

If you have wheelchairs, strollers, or other accessible seating please talk to us for arrangements.

What are the hours for the planetarium?

The planetarium's normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 10AM to 5PM. If you would like to schedule a planetarium show for your group outside of the regular public shows, we are happy to work with you. For this service, we charge a fee for presentations outside of our public programming based on your request and the type of group. This group reservation option reserves the entire planetarium for your group, provides staffing for the event, and allows your group flexibility in both timing and content of shows presented.

Can I come tour the planetarium?

No, you must schedule a time for a show.

When do I have to pay for my show?

You may pay for your show any time leading up to your event, after it has been confirmed by us, or on the day of the show. You may not pay after your show has been presented. 

How do I pay for my show?

You may pay by credit card or check made payable to The Ohio State University, which will need to be presented on the day of your show. To pay by credit card you must email us to request a link to pay.

No cash or money orders accepted.