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Live Program Descriptions

New Program Descriptions for shows after January, 2020.

This page is currently being populated with our new shows as they are created. If the show is listed here it is mostly done and ready for audiences. If it is not listed here we either are not able to cover that topic at the current time or have a show that is completed. This does not mean we cannot offer those topics to you if you request them but we make no promises to have everything we offered in the past. Stay Tuned for updates. The following links to a page with descriptions of prerendered shows and fulldome movies.

Night Sky 101


This new show replaces "The Sky Tonight" as our sky show spending less time on constellations and more time on understanding what is happening in the sky above us. This show is relevant to those who are looking to prepare for a trip to the John Glenn Astronomy Park in Hocking Hills, youth groups working on an activity or merit badge, or topics for multiple grades for Earth and Space Science in the Ohio State Science Standards.

 Program Length

  • 40-50 minutes plus Q&A


  • Directions, Coordinate systems, Ecliptic, Right Ascension and Declination, Meridian etc
  • Bright Constellations up tonight
  • Daily Motion, Polaris, Circumpolar Stars, Rising and Setting
  • Annual Motion including Seasons
    • Path of the Sun
    • Ecliptic and the path of the planets
    • Retrograde Motion
    • Seasons on the Earth
  • Changing locations on the Earth, Northern and Southern skies