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The OSU Planetarium offers the following accessibility features for our guests with disabilities.  All may be requested in advance, and there is no charge for any of these services. Please email or call us at (614) 292-1773 with your special needs and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Accessibility Offerings

  • Designated wheelchair-accessible locations with adjacent companion seats.
  • Designated aisle seats with flip-up armrests to allow guests to slide into the seat from the side.
  • Wireless assistive listening devices for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Headphones will be provided by the planetarium, but these devices will also work with your personal headphones (provided they use a standard 1/8-th inch headphone jack).

Smith Laboratory has an accessible ramp only at the NE entrance to the building on 19th Avenue that leads directly to the elevator to the 5th floor planetarium, and motorized exterior doors.

Requesting Assistance

For individuals, please contact us with your accessibility needs in advance of your visit, or fill in the special needs section when making your online reservations for programs.  

For groups, when making your program requests please fill in the Special Needs section of the program request form.  When we contact you about setting up your program we will discuss the details.

All designated handicapped seating is held in reserve (not included in the seat count for online reservations), and only released at the last minute when a show is sold out.  Advanced reservation of these seats is kindly requested so we can make the necessary preparations for your visit.

Please email or call us at (614) 292-1773 with your special needs and we will do our best to accommodate all requests.