Private Groups

How to reserve a private showing

  • We currently only have 1 live show, Night Sky 101. Others are being built and will be offered as they are completed.
  • All prerendered shows are available.

If you would like to schedule a planetarium show for your group outside of the regular public shows, we are happy to work with you. For this service, we charge a fee for presentations outside of our public programming based on your request and the type of group. This group reservation option reserves the entire planetarium for your group, provides staffing for the event, and allows your group flexibility in both timing and content of shows presented. We are able to serve groups up to 63 attendees/show as the total number of seats limits the size of our largest groups. Currently, demand is so high if your group is smaller than 40 people we suggest you find another group to join you for the program unless there is a strong need to keep numbers down such as groups with young kids. Groups larger than 63 people can be split across multiple shows.

Requesting a show

To request a show for your group please follow the next few steps to keep the process as smooth as possible. We prefer to book shows primarily during business hours (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm), though we will schedule evening and Saturday shows for an added $50 fee. We are able to accommodate up to 2 shows per day during times of low classroom demand and availability of presenters. We try to respond to all requests in a timely manner.

  • Please give us at least one month's notice to schedule your show. Rush orders may not be scheduled.
  • On the right-hand side of the page select the type of group reservation that most closely matches your group
  • Check to see if we are taking show requests for that type of group at the top of the group information page
  • Fill out the show request form. We require this step to make sure we have all of your information.
  • Please specify which show you would like to see on the show request form. Here is a list of all the shows we offer.
  • Read our directions page for information on parking and how to find the planetarium
  • Contact the planetarium staff if you have any unanswered questions

Note: We do not schedule shows before 10 AM unless they are OSU classes or there are circumstances discussed with the planetarium staff or Director. Shows will not be scheduled on Sundays (unless you have your own presenter) or Football and Basketball Saturdays unless preapproved. The planetarium is closed for all federal holidays unless otherwise specified.


The Fee Structure for planetarium shows can be found by following the list of links on the right side of this page. A $50.00 fee will be added to your invoice if any of the following apply: additional staffing is needed, if there is excess set up or tear down, the show begins before 10 AM or after 5PM, or is on the weekend.

A complete list of all fees charged by the planetarium for fiscal year 2024 can be found in the following PDF.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to education-based groups such as schools who are unable to pay our fee. If you require funding assistance to make a field trip to the planetarium, please apply for financial aid for your group by emailing the planetarium staff directly. Explain to us the group that you have and why you need funding assistance. We will approve assistance on a case by case basis. Our goal is to support all education-based groups who would like to visit the planetarium.


The OSU Planetarium has a number of accessibility features available for students and members of the public with disabilities.  Please see our accessibility information for details or email us if you have special requirements.

Learn More

For information on other planetarium, telescope viewing, and Astronomy Department events, please see the Events page and/or check out our facebook page.