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Astronomy @ Home Activities

NASA Classroom Activities

NASA's Space Place provides many activities for children of all ages.

Child looking through a telescope


Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP)

ASP has provided a multitude of educational and outreach programs for students ranging K-12.

9 Fun Kids Astronomy Activities for Teaching & Educational Resources by a Research Scientist 

9 Fun Kids Astronomy Activities and Educational Resources by a Research Scientist offer a handful of simple activities and printables to help students understand topics such as the size of the universe, identifying constellations, and various planets and solar systems.

McDonald Observatory Classroom Activities and Resources

These engaging activities create opportunity for K-12 students to explore astronomy, physics, and chemistry in the classroom and at home.

STEM Works Space Activities

This website offers extensive activities, games, and experiments that revolve around Space and Physics from various educational educational websites including NASA.

Wellington Astronomical Society

Wellington Astronomical Society provides an extensive list of websites focusing on astronomy activities for all ages.