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Slettebak OSU Planetarium Program Request Form

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Please fill out the form below to request a planetarium program for your group. This is a new form, please bear with us as we make the transition. If there is anything to change or make your lives easier please email planetarium@osu.edu.

Things to think about:

  • The planetarium holds 63 people at maximum.
  • Prices change from year to year so we will provide you with a quote with our current pricing.
  • Financial assistance is available to education based groups with more information found here.

All fields marked with a (*) are required. Others please provide the additional information as you are able.

Contact Information

We need the contact information of the person responsible for scheduling and organizing your show. Later in the process, we will be sure to have the contact information of the leader of your group attending the show. This may or may not be the same person.

Please enter your full name, First and Last

Primary Contact Phone Number
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Billing Information
Group Information

Please tell us about your group. The more we know the more we can assist you in a timely manner. As you are scheduling please understand we will make a reasonable effort to accommodate your needs but may not always be able to meet them all.

Group Description - Select all that apply
Accessibility Needs

Please mark all that apply. We will contact you for details during the scheduling process.

Please describe what kind of program you would like (e.g. which topics or questions you would like to learn about) or if you have specific programming requirements (e.g. state science standards, badge requirements etc.). Please include those standards and requirements here.


Please give us a first and second choice for when you would like us to schedule your planetarium program. When scheduling more than one program please put additional dates in the Special Requests / Additional Information area at the bottom of the page.

Estimate the total number of attendees for your request.

The planetarium seats a maximum of 63 persons. If the total number of attendees is greater than 63 we will assume you need more than 1 show. We are currently only taking requests for shows occurring during nominal operating hours for shows beginning between 9 am and 5 pm.

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Special Requests / Additional Information
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To submit your program request click 'submit' at the bottom of the page. If your submission is successful, you will immediately see a confirmation page summarizing your request and receive a confirmatory email sent to the address you entered above shortly thereafter.

Once your request form is received, you will be contacted by the Planetarium Staff within 2 weeks to set up your program. The volume of requests we receive is HIGH and may cause some delays. You will at least receive a preliminary response within your 2-week window. 

If you do not see a confirmatory page after hitting submit or a confirmation email within the next few hours please contact the planetarium staff at planetarium@osu.edu.

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